About Lori

Lori Fleissner Lori Fleissner’s love of photography started back in the early 1990’s when she got her first dog, “Macho Man.”  He was so adorable that he just cried out to be photographed and turned out to be a wonderful subject. 

Her two children arrived in the late 1990’s, and the hobby turned into an obsession.  When her children began to get annoyed at the constant photography sessions, Lori began reaching out to friends and neighbors to borrow their children or pets as photographic subjects.  They were always happy to oblige.  With the encouragement of her friends, she started a small photography business focusing on children and family portraits. 

Her business was unique in that she as able to set up her studio equipment in her clients’ homes.  This made the sessions convenient and the children comfortable.  She found that the need for fun, energetic and reasonably priced photographers was significant.  Her ability to travel to any location was an added bonus.

With her business now well established, Lori now specializes in weddings, bar mitzvahs, communions, family reunions, real estate, schools, athletic groups and many local and not-so-local politicians.  She enjoys shooting classic portraits, photo journalistic photos and trendy images, as well.  She strives to make her photography express beauty, joy, love and a little bit of crazy!

Please feel free to contact Lori to schedule an appointment or to chat about any photographic needs you may have.  She would love to hear from you!


now i lay me down to sleep photographer Lori is most proud of her very active participation in the “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” organization.